YouTube extends Trump’s suspension for at least another week


YouTube is extending Trump’s suspension from the platform.

Angela Lang/CNET

YouTube on Tuesday said it’s extending its suspension of President Donald Trump’s channel for another week over “ongoing potential for violence,” a day before Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the next US president. 

The move lengthens the punishment the Google-owned platform imposed on Trump last week, which prohibited him from uploading new content and disabled comments on his videos indefinitely. 

The announcement comes as authorities have been on high alert following the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Ahead of Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, federal and local officials have urged would-be attendees to stay home. The National Mall, which would normally attract massive crowds, has been closed off to visitors.

Silicon Valley giants have sought to rein in Trump as the platforms reckoned with their role in the Capitol riots. Aside from YouTube’s suspension, Twitter has permanently banned Trump, while Facebook indefinitely blocked the president’s account. Apple, Google and Amazon have also taken action against Parler, a social network popular with far-right and extremist users, which rioters used to help plan the attack. 

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

YouTube has a three-strikes policy when it comes to policing its platform. Three infractions within a 90-day period results in permanently being kicked off the platform. The first strike comes with a one-week ban from posting content. The second strike comes with a two-week ban.

YouTube last week said the strike against Trump was due to the channel violating the company’s policies against inciting violence. YouTube, however, noted that the one-week suspension could last longer. Tuesday’s extension is not a second strike on Trump’s account.

A company spokeswoman didn’t respond to questions about what specifically triggered the extension. 

Earlier Tuesday, the White House YouTube channel, which is separate from Trump’s personal page, uploaded the president’s farewell address. In the more than 19-minute speech, he repeats his familiar refrain alleging “political censorship and blacklisting,” though he doesn’t mention any company by name. 

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