Which One Is Better in 2022 Between ZonBase and Helium 10? 

A growing number of independent businesses are creating Amazon seller solutions as the Amazon Marketplace is growing at an exponential rate. These resources are designed to help Amazon sellers with a few key tasks. Specific software programs are tailored for a particular type of Amazon selling. Vendors can also choose from a variety of integrated Amazon software choices. All-in-one technologies may be able to handle a number of crucial aspects of selling on Amazon. Two of the most well-liked all-in-one software packages on the market right now are Zonbase or Helium 10. Both technologies are quite customizable, which accounts why Amazon merchants like them. 

Overview of ZonBase

The AMZ marketplace received about 450,000 new vendors in 2021. Given the website’s current total of more than 2 million active merchants, this is a huge increase. This increase suggests that nearly a quarter of all new vendors have just entered the market. ZonBase is an Amazon vendor management system, widely regarded as the most precise and cost-effective software available today. It is a comprehensive software solution that offers Amazon merchants all the resources and assistance they require to rule the online retail giant.

You can get help from ZonBase with listing optimization, keyword research, and product research. You may learn more about the services that ZonBase provides by reading this review. ZonBase is a cloud-based program, thus nothing needs to be installed on your computer. It also comes with a Chrome Extension that makes it easier to conduct Amazon product research. 13 solutions are provided by ZonBase to help Amazon merchants with three crucial processes. Product research, sales optimization, and product listing optimization are some of these.

Overview of Helium 10

Helium 10 is without a doubt the most effective and widely used marketing technique. It now comes with everything needed in a single package. Unsurprisingly, among sellers, Helium 10 is the best substitute for Jungle Scout. It has more than 20 tools and features that might help you grow your Amazon business, and it enables sellers to view crucial business data like trends, keyword research, product research, trend analysis, and advertising solutions.

It enhances the visibility of your product, forecasts the demand for your items, keeps inventory in check, and streamlines operations, among other things. Both beginning Amazon merchants and seasoned Amazon sellers can use Helium 10. This tool is intended for businesses of all sizes who want to expand their Amazon business. Helium 10 is used by over 1 million Amazon sellers to gain the most up-to-date market intelligence, grow their companies, improve profitability, and broaden the reach of their items.

Final thoughts

With a 96 percent accuracy rate, Helium 10 is another alternative to ZonBase and the most accurate Amazon tool currently on the market. These two resemble one another in almost every way.

The features that set Helium 10 apart from ZonBase are the profit dashboard, product landing page builder, market tracker, sales data, refund genie, inventory protector, and warnings for suspicious account behavior.

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