What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting for High Traffic Websites?

We thrive in the digital era and today, creating an online presence of a business is a must. Now, as much as the notion of a website seems fascinating, but the process of web hosting and picking up the right hosting solutions is excruciating. Evidently, there are plenty of options available across the web, starting with Shared Hosting to Dedicated Servers, the internet world is brimming with choices.

Following a similar idea, we have recently witnessed the growth and popularity of another hosting solution, namely Cloud Web Hosting. With the website traffic rising its peak, it is always advised to opt for a hosting solution that can cope with the same and Cloud Hosting is the best fit.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is one scenario where the hosted website utilizes resources from clustered servers functioning over the cloud to store its data. So, the website can utilize multiple virtual resources to gather all that’s needed to host a website.

It is proven that websites hosted on cloud experiences greater returns as compared to other hosting solutions. Further, it is believed that websites with higher traffic benefit from Cloud Hosting solutions.

To shed light on the same, we outline reasons or ways by which high traffic websites, when hosted on the cloud, remain at the forefront.

4 Ways Cloud Hosting Affects High Traffic Websites

  1. Scalability: The first and foremost reason why Cloud Hosting is the best solution for high traffic websites is the offered scalability. As stated earlier, Cloud Server Hosting involves a scenario where the website can utilize storage resources from multiple clouds. Suppose you experience a spike in traffic. With Cloud Hosting, you can add more resources to map your rising website needs. Later, when you no longer require the additional resources, you can downsize your plan. This ability to upscale and downscale resources is what helps high traffic websites run seamlessly, irrespective of their data usage count.
  2. Security: Websites that witness higher user engagement are bound to be the target of the spammers. Having a weak network would expose you to cyber threats making the website vulnerable to hacks. With Cloud Hosting, regardless of your traffic, you are entitled to receive regular assistance and support. Also, Cloud Hosting service providers offer firewall support, malware software solutions along with other security monitoring tools, like CodeGuard and Ceph storage to further power up your data security.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Hosting on the cloud, you will never have to worry about the server maintenance needs. You don’t need to purchase additional hardware and software resources or take care of the server. This saves both your time and effort. Also, with Cloud Hosting, you can buy a basic, cost-effective plan and scale up with rising business, turning the entire solution economical and cost-effective.
  4. Performance: Owing to the load balancing feature of Cloud Hosting, the response rate of the website never slows down. Similarly, advanced caching features like Varnish or Nginx, cache your data and speed up the page load times. So, your customers will never have to wait and can be answered in a matter of seconds. With other hosting solutions, the speed is bound to suffer when the website traffic rises beyond the threshold. If you opt for Cloud Web Hosting, the resources can be seamlessly scaled up to meet the demands and keep the website running.



It is pretty clear that by investing in Cloud Hosting, high traffic websites would gain the required amount of resources at nominal rates. This is ideal in situations when your website traffic exceeds the expected limit and outgrows the allocated resources.

Definitely, Dedicated Servers can also be an alternative here but the fact Dedicated Hosting is quite expensive and also mandates the owner to possess significant technical knowledge, Cloud Web Hosting solution seems a better way out.