Uber Eats glitch erases the tip option on deliveries


Uber Eats drivers say their tips went missing on Monday.

Horacio Villalobos/Corbis via Getty Images

Hundreds of Uber Eats delivery drivers appear to have been shorted their tips over the past couple of days. Apparently, a glitch within the app removed the option for customers to add a tip to their food order. 

“Just had a customer inform me that the app would not allow them to tip! Called support and they said they’re aware this is happening and reminded me that tips ‘aren’t guaranteed,'” a delivery worker, who goes by the username JeddakOfBarsoom, posted on Reddit in the Uber Eats subreddit on Monday. “This is unacceptable. Without tips, we don’t make shit!”

Uber told CNET on Tuesday afternoon that there had been a known incident and it’s since been resolved. 

Uber Eats drivers typically make low wages, often less than minimum wage. Tips can be a huge part of their earnings. One driver who goes by Muddyducker wrote in the Reddit thread that it’s “like night and day. Drive 10 miles for $3? No way.” The situation is even more critical during the novel coronavirus pandemic, as food delivery workers are considered essential and are out risking their health to do deliveries.

Since late Sunday, drivers and customers have been posting on Twitter and Reddit saying the tipping option was no longer available in the app. One Reddit thread had more than 121 comments from people complaining of the glitch. Some drivers said Uber’s customer support told them nothing was wrong with the app, implying the drivers just didn’t earn any tips. While other drivers said Uber acknowledged the problem. A few drivers still received tips but far fewer than they normally receive. 

“Damn I was wondering same thing only 3 tipped out of 10 delivery today,” Reddit user Warriorpunte wrote. “That’s very unusual considering 121 out of 124 tipped last week.”

On Twitter, drivers and customers were posting much of the same. Uber Support’s Twitter account said it was looking into the issue. But as of Tuesday morning, it appears some drivers are still having problems getting tips.

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