Tech tips to save time, sell stuff and track mail, tax refunds online

A hidden trick when using Gmail is to set up unique email addresses whenever you need one

Our everyday devices make life easier, but they can be huge time sucks.

Are you constantly checking your phone? You’re not alone. Tap or click for proven settings to help you break your phone addiction.

Maybe you’re slowed down and frustrated by an old laptop or desktop computer. Before you give up and buy a new one, you can likely speed yours up and get more life from it. Tap or click for my five-minute tech fix for a faster PC.

Doesn’t saving time feel great? Keep going. Here are seven nifty ways tech can help you streamline your life:

1. Measure your heart rate with your phone

You don’t need a smartwatch to measure your heart rate. Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor is an iPhone app that uses your phone’s camera to take a reading of your pulse. Place your index finger on the back camera, and the app will measure your heart rate by detecting color changes. Be sure to hold your phone steady and keep still. It works with iPads too.