Tech jobs: These are the 10 most in-demand developer, cybersecurity and cloud roles

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In spite of fears of a looming economic downturn and employing freezes at a quantity of big tech businesses, demand from customers for tech-centered roles continues to operate high.

Most corporations have been pressured to enhance their reliance on – and investment decision in – know-how in excess of the previous two and a half yrs. That is still left them with a range of gaps in the workforce to fill, whether or not in IT safety, program growth, IT assistance or facts investigation.

Some tech professionals are looking at larger demand than other folks. An investigation of choosing details by tech teaching platform CodingDojo has highlighted accurately which roles are on a incredibly hot streak and why.

To create its list, CodingDojo analysed Glassdoor’s 50 Greatest Careers in America for 2022 list and took the ranking of every single career that falls underneath its definition of a tech occupation. It classified this as “anyone who is a technician and is effective on constructing and maintaining hardware, software program, and other sorts of tech development” – meaning it excludes roles that just exist in a tech ecosystem or at a tech corporation, such as challenge supervisors or facts analysts.

From there, CodingDojo counted the present amount of Certainly occupation listings and the projected expansion fee specified to each and every purpose by the United States Bureau of Labor Studies. Every selection was then scaled and standardized.

1. Information and facts safety engineer

Cybersecurity has come to be a huge priority given that workplaces moved anything to the cloud in 2020. Pair that with expanding threats from cyber criminals and other on the net nasties and it is really apparent why cybersecurity specialists are in these types of superior demand from customers.

An information and facts security engineer is a mid to senior-stage cybersecurity place that entails building and developing systems that present security for a company’s network and software program.

Information and facts safety engineers demand good awareness of Linux, UNIX, and Java programs, as properly as information of application crafting, SSL, SSH, and SIEM programs. According to Glassdoor, the ordinary income for this part is $119,000.

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2. Comprehensive-stack engineer

Software program and world-wide-web developers have grow to be important for any business that takes advantage of electronic merchandise or companies – which is really substantially every business.

Complete-stack engineers see substantial demand for their skills mainly because they can do the job with each the frontend (website or UI) and backend (server) aspect of a business’s tech stack. Employers need this flexibility, and selecting a total-stack engineer suggests they really don’t will need to seek the services of frontend and backend developers individually. Firms are on the lookout for builders who can be versatile and address various stacks when required, CodingDojo reported, meaning developers who get time to find out distinctive tech stacks raise their profession and cash flow likely.

3. Data scientist

Details science is a somewhat new part but just one that is developing rapidly as businesses devote much more in machine mastering and details examination to find out more about their buyers, strengthen their companies and tap into new resources of revenue.

Knowledge researchers typically gather, organize, and screen or present data in a way that can be utilised by the company, which typically includes making use of device-studying algorithms to analyse business choices and their outcomes. Those people employed to work entry-amount info scientist careers can count on to earn just beneath $90,000 and can make a lot far more in extra expert positions.

4. Equipment-mastering engineer

A equipment-mastering engineer is a mid to senior-level info scientist who specializes in equipment-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It stands to explanation, then, that these gurus have comprehensive know-how of machine finding out and are able to work within unique info constructions and environments.

Machine-understanding engineers can usually generate $110,000 for every calendar year, with some roles at prime providers having to pay around $300,000.

5. Java developer

Java stays one of the most well-liked programming languages utilised by program builders and is highlighted at the top rated of CodingDojo’s record of 2022’s most in-demand languages. Widely utilised in Android cellular apps, desktop applications, wise TVs and somewhere else, Java was located in far more than 80,000 lively job listings on In truth.

According to, the normal income for a Java developer in the United States is $114,000, building it a rewarding ability to have under your belt – although the very same could be stated for most programming languages.

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6. Info engineer

A info engineer assists corporations to gather, type, and distribute info to the appropriate components of the business. CodingDojo describes the function as a “person who does the relaxation of the tasks that a equipment-learning engineer would not do”.

Whilst a information engineer and device-discovering engineer are more specialized, a facts scientist is more a combination of the two roles. An individual in this occupation can expect to make an ordinary income of $116,000 per yr, in accordance to Glassdoor.

7. Cloud engineer

Needless to say, cloud experts have grow to be a lot more important than ever considering the fact that remote performing turn out to be mainstream and businesses began putting much more of their apps and staff members in the cloud. This demand is only going to develop, producing cloud engineers hugely valuable to companies.

Cloud engineers normally need to have solid understanding of Linux, which most organizations use for cloud improvement. Awareness of programming languages like MySQL, SWL, Java and Python is also excellent. Awareness of AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure will also appear in useful.

8. Backend engineer

Backend engineers are involved in the “nuts and bolts” of a company’s web page or programs software program, and could possibly be concerned in building a new products from scratch or bettering legacy program. This can make them highly important to companies.

The median pay out for a backend engineer in the US is $133,000, with a good deal of roles paying out in excess of $200,000. After again, it’s important for a backend engineer to be common with many distinct tech stacks, as due to the essential mother nature of the part and the stuff they are managing, it’s unlikely someone will grow to be a backend engineer straight out of the gate.

9. Salesforce engineer

Salesforce is an incredibly well-liked client connection administration (CRM) platform utilized by providers to manage interactions with prospects and probable clientele. 

A Salesforce engineer will help organizations build and increase Salesforce to exclusively tailor it to their CRM requirements. This will contain integrating third-occasion apps and fixing bugs.

Turning into a Salesforce engineer needs a decent awareness of Java or C#, and will also necessitate having familiar with Apex, a language applied precisely by Salesforce. The role carries a median salary of $105,000.

10. Automation engineer

An automation engineer operates with a company’s engineering groups to detect issues that can be solved by means of automation. This ordinarily entails evaluating the engineering structure to obtain repetitive or lower-degree procedures that can be automated. One area with a lot of automation possible is high-quality assurance (QA), so automation engineers need to have know-how of automation-screening software package these types of as LambdaTest, Rainforest and Cypress.

On average, automation engineers make just around $100,000