Tech Gadgets on Amazon: The Top 5 Available Now

Manufacturers are constantly inundating us with new tech and new gadgets as the tech world grows bigger. For every item you’re interested in buying, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of options available. From eco-friendly, reusable tech to cutting-edge devices that are brand new to reimaginings of common devices, the choices seem limitless. It can be tough to know what tech is a fad and what tech is worth your investment. Here are the top five tech gadgets you can buy on Amazon now.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

As people try to be more eco-friendly while relying on the convenience and simplicity technology affords, this reusable smart notebook offers the best of both worlds. This 32-page notebook comes in a variety of sizes and colors and uses Pilot’s Frixion pens. Pages can be wiped clean when you’re done.

The special paper design makes it feel like you’re writing on regular notebook paper. However, the tech allows you to scan and transfer your notes to the Rocketbook app. You can then save them to the cloud.

Not only is the design eco-friendly, but it’s a real space-saver when all of your notebooks live in the cloud.

Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

Sony’s wireless neckband speaker is a great alternative to listening to music without having any device on or around your ears without disturbing those around you. You place these speakers on your shoulders. You then point the speakers toward your head. This targets the sound directly to your ears.

This gadget also boasts a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to also take phone calls. The speaker’s Bluetooth range allows you to walk nearly 100 feet from your computer without interruption.

The device weighs about 113g, so it’s lightweight and comes in white or grey.

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch

This may not seem like a tech gadget. However, it is an absolute game-changer for Apple Watch users and those with cluttered nightstands.

The Night Watch Magnifying Clock Dock shows your watch’s display when it’s charging on your nightstand while you sleep.

Because of its orb shape, the device acts like an old-school alarm clock by magnifying the time.

The clock dock has a built-in sound amplification, so you don’t miss your alarm in the morning, and even has a slot to hold the watch’s charger and, just like the Apple Watch, you can wake up the alarm clock by tapping its surface.

Furbo Dog Camera

It’s hard to be away from your four-legged friend, but the Furbo Dog Camera allows you to keep an eye on and watch your pets while you’re stuck at the office, grocery shopping, or out running other errands.

This 1080p HD camera has a 160-degree wide-angle lens. It also features an infrared night vision mode and a 4x zoom-in option to see your dog.

Some of Furbo’s other features include a bark alert and chat capability. This allows you to be in contact with your pet while you’re away. You can even store and toss treats to keep your pet happy while you’re away.

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Series Television

There are so many televisions on the market at any given time, but Samsung’s new ultra-HD display is a combination of a Smart TV and a computer monitor, making it versatile and unique.

Also included when purchasing the M7 is a remote and built-in speaker.

The M7 is unique in that it allows you to connect your laptop using a USB-C cable during work hours. It then converts to a smart television for leisure times. It can even stream from your phone using built-in Smart Hub software or a Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon has so many tech gadgets, but these six are a fantastic place to start.