SEO techniques that will improve your site ranking

18 Effective and Essential SEO Techniques (Trends)

SEO is such a key factor in improving your ranking on Google and other search engines. ‘Spiders’ are set out to evaluate websites depending on over a hundred indicators and then decide whether a particular site is valuable or not. Some of the indicators are fresh, quality content, backlinks, domain age among many others. Thus, the target of SEO is and should be to provide the spiders with what they need. This is a tricky set of fixed elements that will need a professional to unravel. 

What then are these processes that will improve your site ranking?

Owning a domain and hosting

Many people think that any website will help your business achieve its objectives and thus go for free websites. Google will only recognize reliable sites and if you want your business site to fall in their list, then you need hosting space from the start. Having your space allows you to utilize several techniques that will make your site appealing to the search engines and add value to your customers.

Original content creation

Google’s objective is to offer online visitors with pertinent and helpful content. This realization must form part of the content creation process. Therefore, if you want your website to rank on top of search results, you must ensure that it solves viewers’ problems and gives solutions. You must do some good research to establish the customers’ pain points and develop content that seeks to give solutions to such. That will improve your website’s ranking. Content can be in many forms like photos, videos, text, and plugs and your choice should be based on the target audience. Choose the type that will improve user experience and interaction.

Creating natural and relevant back-links

Back-links help in directing your content readers to someone else’s site which you consider to be of high authority or with more details.  While the use of back-links is a perfect SEO tactic, a few things must come to the fore. The site that you are back-linking must be well-known and high ranking in the search engines. In this case, you choose one or two authority sites that are reliable and with relevance. Google discourages buying of such sites and this could lead to your site being penalized or banned. The best way to obtain back-links is through the creation of amazing content.

Social media presence

Google considers social media presence as a strong indicator of a site’s relevance and influence. For instance, if Google notices that there are thousands of tweets and re-tweets to your article, it considers the piece as significant and will reward by ranking it high. The best way to attract comments and following is through the creation of brilliant content that inspires your readers.

Theme optimization

Optimization of themes allows Google to trace your content and understand your site’s efficacy. If you want to drive traffic to your site through optimization, you must offer a pleasant experience to the visitors and ensure your website loads as fast as possible. Make sure also that the links are unbroken because such will frustrate the users.  The experience must be smooth and connected. Make your theme user-friendly so that it allows intuitive and functional navigation.

The above techniques and many others may not be realized through DIY techniques. You need a reputable SEO company to walk with you and ensure your site is perfectly optimized to deliver desired results.