Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

Amongst aged CPUs, the 6809 in no way received as a lot awareness as some of its cousins. The Radio Shack CoCo made use of it and so did a construction short article in Wi-fi Earth Journal. Now [Dave] has reconstructed that computer on breadboards and it appears good. The data files are on GitHub and there is even a collection of video clips about the device. You can look at the initially one under.

You can even read the primary articles or blog posts in the January 1981 Wi-fi Planet the place the board applied a 6802. The upgrade to a 6809 seems in the July 1981 problem. The journal promised you could develop the procedure for £100. Other than the 6809 there had been only a handful of chips. A Prom, two RAM chips, A 6821 PIA, and a 74LS138 decoder for address selection. An MC1413 transistor array also allowed for a 7-section show and a keypad together with a 7442 BCD decoder.

Seemingly [Dave] experienced began a equivalent laptop back in the 80s, and built alterations to it to adapt to the Wi-fi World’s venture memory map. It appears like he did not complete it, but he discovered the old boards and made the decision to recreate it on a breadboard.

Like several computers of the day, the device experienced a cassette interface. We actually like the aesthetic of the 7-phase LEDs and the total appear of the build.

The 6809 did see use in some unique industrial and video clip match programs. There was also a New Zealand instructional laptop based mostly on the 6809, along with a couple other dwelling desktops like the SuperPET and the Dragon.

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