New program announced to educate families of children with disabilities

Disability Network Southwest Michigan has announced a new program called Paving the Way to Self Determination. The program will introduce concepts to families and children with development disabilities that can help them lead self-determined lives.

The program will provide online education on topics that promote self-determination and independence. The topics will include:

  • History of the disability rights movement
  • Disability pride and ally-ship
  • How to ask for an accommodation
  • Supported decision-making and self-determination
  • How employment will impact social security benefits

Paving the Way to Self Determination will also provide information and referral services on a statewide level to families. It will also provide access to the Charting the Life Course program.

“This program is an opportunity to reframe the mindset of parents of young children with disabilities,” said Disability Network Southwest Michigan President and CEO Yvonne Fleener. “Rather than see disability as something negative, our approach will help parents and their children to see disability as diversity and not a limitation on their dreams and goals to live independent and meaningful lives.”

More information on the Paving the Way to Self Determination program can be found on the Disability Network Southwest Michigan website.

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