Mobile Google Keep to Google Doc

Google Retain is an awesome tool that performs offline. It is a take note having app but so much extra. When I’m a passenger in a auto and I have some tips I want to get down, Google Continue to keep is the swiftest way to accomplish that.

Sticky Notes

Fundamentally, Google Retain is a sticky note software. Even so, it has notification and reminder functionality as effectively as the ability to Share. It is Google following all.

You can locate your Keep notes from your Google account. Produce a observe on your telephone and then go to on your computer system to simply obtain your notice.

Google Docs

Google Preserve integrates with Google Docs 2 techniques. The 1st is the sidebar of Google Docs has a Google Keep icon. Click on on that to display your notes whilst producing a doc. You can also drag the be aware to the Doc.

Develop a Google Doc

The other way is to totally flip your Google Hold into a Google Doc. You can do this from Cellular or Web.
From cell click on on the 3 dots icon to opt for “Share.” A single of the share options is “Copy to Google Doc.” This results in a model new Google Doc in your Google Generate.

Copy to Google Docs

I uncover the copy to Google Doc to be so effortless. Brainstorming or having my suggestions down quickly is much better in Hold. If it starts to acquire into one thing extra or I want to choose it to my laptop computer, then changing it to a Google Doc is the way to go.
If it’s just typical rambling I just depart the take note in Maintain and never have a Doc cluttering up my Generate.

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  • Mobile Google Keep to Google Doc

    Google Continue to keep is an awesome tool that works offline. It is a observe using app but so significantly additional. When I’m a passenger in a automobile and I have some concepts I want to get down, Google Continue to keep is the speediest way to accomplish that. Sticky Notes Essentially, Google Hold is a sticky notice application….

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