Missoula tech company plans Riverfront Triangle development | Local News

A rapidly-growing mapping technology company in Missoula is looking to expand its offices to the Riverfront Triangle area in downtown Missoula, which would be the first new development on the site in decades.

OnX, a company founded in Missoula in 2009 that developed multiple apps for hunting and backcountry GPS navigation, is also looking to create scores of good-paying jobs in the coming years.

Chris Weber, the comptroller for company, went before the Missoula County commissioners last week to apply for a state Big Sky Trust Fund grant that would partially reimburse the company for the creation of 16 new jobs over the next year.

“We have experienced some significant growth the past few years with the conversion of the chip Hunt product to an app and the release of two new products, onX Offroad and onX Backcountry, focusing on getting a better foothold in the outdoor community for backcountry navigation,” Weber said.

He noted the company had roughly 100 employees in 2018 and may have roughly three times that many by the end of next year.

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“So it’s been pretty rapid growth and our plans are still continuing the same.”

He said onX has signed a non-binding letter of intent to move into a proposed new building at the Riverfront Triangle in downtown Missoula. It would be where an old, vacant clinic building sits now next to the river.

The company built two large office buildings on Brooks Street a few years ago. They’ll be moving out of those if everything goes to plan with the new facility.

“We’re still waiting for some permits I think to start breaking ground,” Weber said. “But we also have plans to continue to stay in Missoula and expand our office locations here as well.”

Weber said the lot onX is hoping to move to is right next to the city-owned parking lot at the corner of Orange and Front streets.

“It’s that decrepit old clinic that we’re hoping is gonna start getting demolished here shortly because that means we’re actually moving forward,” Weber explained.

The 5 acres of parcels around the city-owned parking lot are privately-owned and the entire area is known as the Riverfront Triangle, as it is bounded to the south by the Clark Fork River.

In November, a development team called Riverfront Triangle Partners in Missoula applied for a county floodplain permit necessary to demolish the aging parking structure and clinic building on the site in order to prep it for new construction.

“Site improvements are anticipated to include a single multi-story mixed residential/commercial building, an underground parking garage, a paved pedestrian path along the river and new landscaping throughout the site,” said county floodplain administrator Todd Klietz at the time.

Riverfront Triangle Partners is led by Farran Realty Partners, the team that built the ROAM student housing complex on Front Street. Before the pandemic, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency had an agreement with local businessman Nick Checota for a $100 million civic events center with condominiums on the site, but those plans were canceled by COVID-19.

The site has sat vacant for decades and lies with in the Riverfront Triangle Urban Renewal District, where developers are eligible for Tax Increment Financing funds that can be used for infrastructure and demolition.

Weber said onX has offer letters out to over a dozen potential new hires right now.

“Our most recent hires have had a lot of difficulty finding housing,” he said. “Which I think we all know, (is) dependent on that. We’re a tech company, so remote has been an option.”

Weber said one new employee who is trying to move from Seattle to Missoula has had condominium groups sign a lease and then rescind the offer twice.

He said the company could easily hire almost several dozen new people over the next year, including customer service representatives, software engineers and other “high-value” jobs. The company is budgeted to end up at a total of between 300 and 400 employees, but Weber said hiring difficulties make it uncertain. Some of those employees are remote or based in the company’s Bozeman offices. 

“But it’s entirely dependent on when they can move, if they can find housing, and, you know, if they want to,” he said. “So with those variables, you know, we (based the grant application) on the ones that we knew were going to be based here. And our plan very well could be double or triple. It’s all just out of our hands. I don’t want to over-commit and under-deliver.”

Funded by the state’s coal tax, the Big Sky Trust Fund program reimburses companies for jobs that pay a minimum of 170% of the state minimum wage and bring in revenue from out of state, among other requirements.

OnX plans to use the grant funds to hire Missoula-based employees, not remote workers.

Commissioner Dave Strohmaier said the company’s growth is “super exciting.”

“OnX maps is the most-used app on my phone by far,” he said. “All this is great news.​”

County commissioner Juanita Vero agreed.

“We’re all huge onX fans,” she said.

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