Microsoft releases Xbox Series X specs, controller details

Xbox Series X

An inside look at the Xbox Series X.


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will release later in 2020, and the console maker released more details about its next system. Some of the info has already been revealed, but there are a few new bits of info gamers will want to know about. 

Microsoft released three articles about the Xbox Series X Monday looking at the next console’s specs, controller and reducing system latency

One article included the spec sheet for the Xbox Series X. Most of the details came out in February including the RDNA 2 and Zen 2 that can produce 12 teraflops

Xbox Series X spec sheet

The specs for the Xbox Series X.


Another feature talked about prominently Monday is the Xbox Series X’s SSD drive. Microsoft also released a video to show off the difference in loading times between the new and older Xbox. The clip features the game State of Decay 2 and while the Xbox One X takes approximately 50 seconds to load the game, the Xbox Series X takes 9 seconds. 

The new Xbox controller will receive two upgrades over the previous version although the appearance is somewhat the same. The first being an improved Dpad, which was one of the weakest aspects 

Another detail Microsoft mentioned was the actual dimension of the Xbox Series X. The console will measure 151mm x 151mm x 301mm. 

Along with the size of the system, Microsoft also poked fun at its unique shape. When it was first revealed in December, some people on social media joked about how the Xbox Series X had a shape similar to a refrigerator. 

Microsoft tweeted Monday about the size of the console and used a refrigerator for scale. 

The Xbox Series X is set for release holiday 2020, and there is still no price for it. 

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