Load testing for Sofware

Introduction & Process of “Load Testing” | by Tahmina Naznin | Oceanize  Geeks | Medium

What is a load testing for software?The customer of any product, be it software or a mobile application, has a view of how this product should look, work and what tasks to solve. And there is the result of the development of this product.

Load testing is a collection of indicators and determination of the performance and response time of a software and hardware system or device in response to an external request in order to establish compliance with the requirements for a given system or device.

Why should software developer load test their product?Top online software should accept high load of users from different countries. Most of the young studios are also striving to enter the world market in order to make an interesting and serious product and return their investment.Therefore, it is important for the studio to organize full testing in order to tune the servers for optimal performance. You have to implement various testing scenarios, including using random IP addresses around the world to get a real assessment of the  performance and prepare the project for any potential difficulties.

Performance and load testing servicesPerformance Lab is a modern QA company based in California since 2015 offers professional Load Testing Services for modern software and application developers.

How to load test software?The software market today is full of various load testing tools (Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, Boomq.io and many more) ranging from open source applications to expensive premium automated load testing tools. However, with so many options available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the best load testing tool for your business.For those who plan to independently engage in performance testing for software or applications, we have prepared an article on Top 10 Best Load Testing Tools 2021, where you will find an overview of the modern online testing tools and a comparison table with which you can easily implement your selected testing scenario.