Konverge Ventures – Creating the Next Great Canadian Tech Success Story

TORONTO – March 21, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

Konverge Digital Solutions, a custom software development company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, announced the launch of its new business called Konverge Ventures. Konverge brings over 28 years of experience building custom software and mobile app solutions as a Canadian software development company. 

Konverge noticed that founders had ideas but got stuck at the development phase and struggled with execution and developing a business plan. As a response, Konverge Ventures was born. 

Core to Konverge Venture’s approach is that it takes more than just investment to make a global company. The goal is to support founders by providing expertise at every step from business planning, product development, sales, marketing, and beyond.

Konverge Ventures can do more than help with capital and development as it provides mentorship and assistance at every step of the business journey. Konverge has already built tech companies such as MenuSano (Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Costing Software) and Field Eagle (Inspection and Asset Management System) from the ground up, not only as clients and partners but also as complete standalone businesses that thrive on their own. In addition, Konverge holds an extensive portfolio of enterprise solutions for B2B and SaaS-based companies.

“I set out to build a venture that helps founders with all aspects of a start-up based on experience, lessons learned and pivoting to help them be successful,” said Konverge Ventures founder, Sonia Couto, who has spent over a decade in the tech industry. Sonia has first-hand experience within the Start-up and tech landscape. In addition, Sonia has been the Managing Director of Konverge Digital Solutions for 15 years. Konverge is backed by a team of experts in software development with years of experience across multiple verticals, all within the software tech domain.  

For more information on Konverge Ventures, visit https://konvergeventures.com/. For media inquiries, please contact Sonia Couto at [email protected].

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Konverge Ventures – Creating the Next Great Canadian Tech Success Story