How To Use QR Codes On Perishable Items And Reduce Food Waste?

Did you know that according to Environmental Protection Agency, food takes up more space in US landfills than anything else? 

In addition, the US Department of Agriculture reported that it makes up 22% of municipal solid waste. 

As this is an alarming feat, different sustainable food agencies are identifying which areas contribute to this food wastage dilemma. 

Homes contribute to 43 percent of the food waste, and most are unaware of it. The main reason is that they tend to buy and stock perishable items three days before their actual expiration date. 

To create a solution to this issue, many food manufacturing companies are modernizing the way they place their best before dates and other food handling instructions using a QR code generator software online. 

Ways QR Codes Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Curious how QR codes can be a great help to reduce food waste? Here are some notable ways food manufacturers use them. 

Digitalize the best before date using QR codes

The best before dates play a crucial part in every perishable product that is displayed in shelves from a supermarket or retail. This depicts when the food is best to eat and when it’s time to be disposed properly. 

With most perishables getting their best before dates stamped or lasered to its packaging, the chances of getting them damaged or accidentally misplaced is high. 

Because of that, many of the food manufacturers are replacing the old practice of placing stamped best before dates with QR codes.

The latter holds the best before date better, and there are options to get the expiration date added to the buyer’s calendar to remind them. 

Store digital proper food waste handling manual

Food manufacturing companies can reduce the percentage of food waste that end up in landfills by attaching a digital proper food waste manual in every packaging of perishable items they manufacture.

Through this, they can help consumers live a less wasteful life.

To create an easy way for consumers to grab a copy of it, manufacturers can use a PDF QR code to store the digital food waste disposal manual and place it in the prominent parts of the product packaging.

Offer discounts by scanning the code

Yearly, groceries and supermarkets in the US throw 43 billion pounds of food away as part of their food safety laws. 

And as they throw them, they lose more money from these perishables. Because of that, other grocery and supermarkets are now looking for innovative ways to sell their produce.

Use visually attractive QR codes for the primary labeling

Food manufacturers can update the packaging of their perishables and make it sustainable for the environment. 

You can also refine its design and add a dynamic touch with QR codes. You can make the QR code visually attractive using a QR code generator with logo software. 

Easily change the QR code’s design by selecting the pattern, eye shapes, color, and frame. You can also add your brand logo and call to action on it. 

Perishables may be hard to sell and maintain especially for small businesses, since most of them have shorter shelf life. If not handled properly by the buyer, they can easily end up in landfills and get some people sick. 

Because of that, many manufacturers can use QR codes on perishable items and modernize the way they inform buyers on what’s new with their products, and how they can handle them properly if it gets spoiled. 

Planning to modernize your food distribution methods? Create your own personalized QR code today and unlock unlimited possibilities.