High street store will give you vouchers for your old tech including mobile phones and hair straighteners

A HIGH street store has announced it will give vouchers for old tech including mobile phones and hair straighteners – here’s how to claim the offer.

Currys has launched a “Cash for Trash” scheme, calling on customers to bring in old, broken, or unused electronics to its stores.

The tech retailer is asking customers to bring in unused devices in exchange for vouchers


The tech retailer is asking customers to bring in unused devices in exchange for vouchersCredit: PA

From today to April 15, you can exchange your unwanted tech for a voucher based on the trade-in value of the item – but the retailer said you’ll get at least £5.

TVs and small domestic appliances can also be traded in for money off new products.

This includes £100 off any TV over £1,000 and up to £40 off selected small appliances when you bring in your old ones.

The electrical retail giant says 527 million pieces of unused tech are being hoarded in homes across Britain and at least 155,000 tonnes of tech ends up in UK landfills every year.

The most common items that households hold on to are mobile phones, cameras and speakers and headphones, according to a YouGov survey.

Other popular hoarded goods include hairdryers and hair straighteners, old landline phones and white goods.

The retailer says the scheme is part of a broader mission to help shoppers extend the life of their everyday devices and appliances.

Lindsay Haselhurst, chief supply chain officer at Currys said: “We’re urging the nation to look in drawers, under the sofa and up in the loft – as these unused tech devices that have seen better days could be repaired, rehomed, or recycled into something new.”

She says the company is already helping customers recycle unwanted tech every day, but the new Cash for Trash scheme aims to take it to the next level.

“We really are accepting any tech, bought from anywhere, even if it’s broken – it might look like trash, but it isn’t to us, ” Lindsay added.

However, Currys isn’t the only retailer offering trade-ins in exchange for money.

For example, if you are looking to trade an old iPhone, other than Currys, you could try Apple’s trade-in site, Carphone Warehouse and Amazon.

There are also online price comparison sites that can help you find the best offer: Sell My Mobile, Compare and Recycle and Compare My Mobile.

Don’t forget you can always sell your old gadgets on eBay. Use the quotes given to you on recycling sites as a guide and see if you can get more.

But you should make sure to check first if it’s worth the hassle of listing it, paying selling fees, packaging up and posting.

One way to get rid of your old phones quicker is through ecoATM. This kiosk service will examine your phone, give you a price and pay into your bank account in less than 90 minutes.

Remember how much you get depends on the device’s age and condition. The sooner you sell, the more you’ll get so don’t wait up.

Here are three things to watch out for when selling your old gadgets via auction or recycling sites.

Plus, we explain what Currys return pallets are and where you can buy them.

For those looking to trade in your used gadgets with Amazon, here’s why you might end up getting just half the true value of your tech.

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