GMA Network is all set for Eleksyon 2022

On Election Day, May 9, the Filipinos will once again exercise their right to suffrage as they choose the country’s next set of leaders.

GMA has always been the go-to source of information and news when it comes to important events in history and the coming national elections are no exception.

On air, online, and on ground, the Kapuso Network is all set for Eleksyon 2022.

With over 1,000 News and Public Affairs personnel across all platforms, 11 strategically located Regional TV stations and 23 radio stations nationwide, GMA provides credible news and information on TV, radio, and online to more than 80 million Filipinos nationwide. Overseas, GMA’s election coverage reaches over one million Filipinos in 103 countries. Online, GMA News and Public Affairs’ more than 173 million social media followers and subscribers are also updated.

Come Election Day, the Eleksyon 2022 marathon coverage begins at 4 a.m.

GMA Regional TV and Synergy team tours around the country for the GMA Masterclass Series.

The public can depend on GMA Network’s roster of news personalities, led by GMA News pillars Jessica Soho, Mel Tiangco, Vicky Morales, Arnold Clavio, Howie Severino, and Mike Enriquez, to keep them informed about anything about the elections. Joining the News pillars are the hardworking news anchors, journalists, stringers here and abroad, and the various news teams from GMA Regional TV and GMA’s flagship AM and FM radio stations Super Radyo DZBB 594 kHz and Barangay LS 97.1.

With local news hubs located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, GMA Regional TV (RTV) is all set to deliver the local election news in various communities outside Metro Manila. It is made possible by its strategically located RTV stations in Northern and Central Luzon (GMA Dagupan and GMA Ilocos), Southern Luzon (GMA Batangas), Bicol Region (GMA Bicol), Central and Eastern Visayas (GMA Cebu), Western Visayas (GMA Iloilo and GMA Bacolod), Northern Mindanao (GMA Cagayan de Oro), Southern Mindanao (GMA Davao), South Central Mindanao (GMA General Santos), and Western Mindanao (GMA Zamboanga).

GMA’s official news portal, GMA News Online (GNO), meanwhile, brings the biggest Eleksyon 2022 coverage online via the interactive Eleksyon 2022 website (

GNO provides the public with information and intuitive tools to guide them before, during, and after the polls. There is also a section, where netizens can watch the videos and stories from the debates and interviews for Eleksyon 2022. Those, who are curious about the voter population, can also check the dashboard that shows the demographic breakdown and geographic profile of the registered voters for the 2022 Philippine national and local elections, with data coming from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

Still undecided? The website also offers guides and tools to help Filipino voters choose the right candidates. These include voter education materials, candidates’ stand on issues, and similar information that voters will find useful. GNO’s My Kodigo, on the other hand, helps netizens to create their own sample ballot which they can print and use as guide on Election Day.

What’s amazing about these GNO features is that televiewers can easily access the QR code. During GMA newscasts, a QR code appears on TV, which, when scanned, leads to the website of Eleksyon 2022.

The Kapuso Network also rolled out various election advocacy campaigns.

The election advocacy Dapat Totoo encourages everyone – the candidates, the voters, and the journalists – to share in the responsibility for fair and wise decision-making during the elections. In addition to GMA News and Public Affairs personalities, some of the country’s biggest stars, led by Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, have all committed their support to the advocacy.

To bring voters’ education to Gen Z audiences, GMA News and Public Affairs Digital Media also launched its #eLeksyonSerye starting off with the Eleksyon 2022 quiz filter. The goal was to test netizens’ knowledge of the elections, how well they know their rights, their responsibilities, and the country’s political system.

On TikTok, GMA Public Affairs also launched challenges and duets such as the #DapatTotooDanceChallenge to emphasize the importance of voting for honest candidates.

To deliver the information in a fun, digestible manner, GMA also partnered with TikTok influencer YchanLaurenz. As Cheska, Ychan shows how to talk to family members and friends when they inadvertently share false information from untrustworthy sources.

GNO’s Need To Know also created special series for voters’ education: Stand on Issues, the Disinformation Series, and Election Basics. Pioneering digital newscast Stand for Truth produced In Review, a seven-part series that highlights the status of the country’s sectors and how the government addresses its struggles.

GMA also organized the DapatTotoo Lectures, an exclusive series of webinars for student volunteers for the network’s election coverage.

GMA Regional TV and Synergy went around the country for the GMA Masterclass Series. Thousands of students from different schools and universities in the Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon attended physically and online the 14-leg Masterclass which gathered the biggest names in the media, academe, and entertainment industry with their experience and thoughts on timely topics – from aiming for excellence to building global communities, social media literacy, TV writing and production, the importance of community news, and choosing the next leaders.

On May 9, everyone is encouraged to go out and vote. And just like in the previous elections, GMA Network will deliver the most comprehensive Eleksyon 2022 coveragee.