Foam Cutter Moves Like A Hot Knife Through Butter


Make enough makes an attempt to reduce foam utilizing whatever you’ve bought — utility knife, hacksaw, serrated plastic knife — and you’ll wish tough for anything that cuts cleaner, a lot quicker, and far better. Though there are all types of means to construct a sizzling wire foam cutter, this style and design from [jasonwinfieldnz] is both attention-grabbing and imitable.

If you don’t presently know it, nichrome wire is nifty things that is quickly offered in thrift store hair dryers and toasters. It stretches as it heats up, and shrinks as it cools again down.

The interesting part of this make is that in its place of utilizing a spring to continue to keep pressure on the nichrome wire, [jasonwinfieldnz] designed and 3D-printed a bow out of PLA that does the work elegantly. Whilst [jason] was to begin with concerned that the bow could potentially melt, he observed in observe that despite the fact that the bow does get heat to the contact, it is nowhere near sizzling more than enough to even warp.

1 nice contact is the straightforward fence that rides together two slots and secures with wingnuts. We also like that [jason] manufactured this foam cutter mostly from scrap materials, and alternatively than obtain a spool of nichrome, he opted for a skinny heating component and pillaging the wire.

If you’re a nichrome noob, know that it doesn’t consider substantially juice to do the position. Even nevertheless a laptop or computer electrical power provide is what [jason] experienced lying close to, it is entire overkill, so you would surely want to limit the present. Test out the construct video clip just after the crack.

Even now not portable ample for you? All you definitely require is a 18650, some nichrome, and a handful of bits and bobs to maintain it all jointly.


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