Features of Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots

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Universal Robots is the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots. As a company, they take pride in their ability to innovate and meet the needs of both small and large companies that need robots.

It is because of this ability that they have quickly gained market leadership in the cobot market in spite of their few years of existence. They have been able to stay ahead of larger companies that had been in the robotics industry for many years. 

Universal Robots, like the many companies that have adopted the use of technology in meeting customer needs has disrupted an entire industry that has existed for decades. Consequently, these industry veterans have turned to manufacturing collaborative robots too.

Here are the unique features of collaborative robots from Universal Robots.


Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are highly affordable. They are priced to be friendly to both the large and small and medium enterprises. As a result, many small and medium enterprises from all over the world have acquired these cobots for their manufacturing process.

Their price ensures that companies that acquire them have a quick return on their investment. Often, an investment in a robot from Universal Robots is paid back within a maximum of eighteen months.


As their name suggests, these robots are highly collaborative. This means that they can comfortably work alongside people.

Collaborative robots came about due to the existence of traditional robots that had to be caged to avoid causing injuries to the factory workers.


Collaborative robots are inherently safe. They have mechanisms within them to ensure that they do not cause any injury to those human workers that they work alongside.

This universal robot has the ability to sense the presence of a human being when it is working independently. This will cause the robot to either slow down or stop completely until the human presence is gone for it to start up again.

It is also designed to be safe. It has rounded edges so that it does not cause any injuries when someone bumps into it.

Easy to use

Another outstanding feature of collaborative robots is the fact that they are quite easy to use. Programming robots from collaborative robots is quite easy. They are programmed in plain English and thus do not need a specialized programmer to work on them.

They can also be programmed manually, which is a much easier and speedier way to teach the robot how to carry out a certain task.


Collaborative robots from Universal Robots do not require as much space as traditional robots to work effectively. They are designed with quite small base-diameters and a substantially small reach. This ensures that they can be mounted in any part of the factory and they will carry out their functions quickly and effectively.


Once they are in the factory, these robots can easily move from one corner to another. This enables them to easily carry out different tasks that could be in different locations within the factory.

They come equipped with a mobility table so that they can be quickly and easily moved from one corner of the factory to another. Also, they are not too heavy to carry or move around.

Cost effective

Collaborative robots are highly cost effective. They are affordable in price and do not require the factory to hire a specialized programmer. With a little training, any factory worker can quickly grasp and understand how to operate the cobot. This saves money on the part of the factory.

To learn more about operating the robot, Universal Robots has an online program through which they train robot operators on advanced skills on how to use their robots. These programs are completely free.


Collaborative robots are unique robots. They are friendly to the small and to the large enterprise. They perform different tasks and as they evolve, they will lead to a better and more efficient factory of the future.