FCC proposes record $225M fine for massive robocall campaign


Igor Golovniov/Getty Images

The Federal Communications Commission proposed a $225 million fine against Texas-based health insurance telemarketers on Tuesday for making approximately 1 billion illegally spoofed robocalls in 2019 under several business names. The commission said the telemarketers falsely claimed to offer health insurance plans through major health insurance companies, according to a release.

Among other companies listed, the telemarketers operated under businesses named JSquared Telecom and Rising Eagle. In February 2019, the Missouri Attorney General sued Rising Eagle’s largest client, Health Advisors of America, for telemarketing violations. If approved, the proposed $225 million fine would be the largest in the body’s 86-year history. 

The proposed fine is the latest in a series of escalating efforts by the FCC to crack down on robocalls, which have recently included efforts to require all companies that provide phone service to implement automatic call blocking technology, and threats to cut off service providers which allow illegal COVID-19 related robocalls.

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