Black Links Global (BLG) and the International Business Growth Radio Network (IBGR) Announce an Alliance to Support Global Business Growth.

Black Links Global (BLG) and the International Business Growth Radio Network (IBGR) Announce an Alliance to Support Global Business Growth.

BLACK LINKS GLOBAL (BLG) is a growing global Directory of Businesses and Organizations of people with African or African descent.

“BLG sees its strategic alliance with IGBR as a long-term relationship. With a global audience, BLG and IGBR provides that global reach that allows for broadcast content that is live, relevant, business and consumer targeted that helps to create social change and brings success to the heart of the community.”  BLG Ambassador / WTU Member – Business Bishop Audie F Cummings.

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BLG has given rise to a network of resources and revenue generating opportunities that support businesses growing from local to national and into international enterprises by building existing revenue streams and public awareness. BLG provides resources, benefits and services to the business and consumer community on their site. BLACK LINKS GLOBAL CONNECTIONS.

The INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS GROWTH RADIO (IBGR) vision is to promote entrepreneurship to end global poverty. They see a world where generational wealth and quality local jobs are thriving because entrepreneurs are achieving top performance as they start, grow, and exit their businesses. To achieve this, they are on a mission to be the source of business development and growth tools that their competitors do not possess. We believe strengthening entrepreneurs and businesses strengthens economies, which leads to more jobs and less poverty.

The Alliance between BLG and IBGR brings together extensive resources to support more business owners and entrepreneurs. Together they will develop their potential, raise their probability of success, and grow their businesses to their full capacities.

BLG will engage its extensive network of resources under Black Links Global Connections (BLGC) and the “We The United (WTU) platform at” The mission of these powerful communities is to develop their members’ potential. They welcome the IGBR partnership by BLGC & WTU who see the alliance as one in which they can advance with contributions to content (shows, presentations, interviews, advertising, etc…) and revenue streams from direct participation as owners of networks themselves. This marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship that allows for positive growth and help for business owners, as the results mean everyone benefits.


IBGR will provide the BLG audience access to their LIVE programming, podcasts, Library of Business Growth Best Practices, and its upcoming 365 Business Maker Program. The Program is a global, virtual incubator delivered by serial entrepreneurs who have been there and done it themselves. It is a 365 day experience where you get the ‘dream team’ as your personal CMO, COO, and CFO. It is as close as you can come to a ‘guarantee’ of success.

“Everyone at IBGR is excited about bringing our expertise to the Black Links Global audience. What excites us the most is being associated with a world class organization that is making a difference, and we can accelerate their impact.” – William Eastman, CEO & Co-Founder, IBGR

The impact on the Black Links Global audience is greater access to resources by offering a comprehensive array of products, services and events that the alliance provides both jointly and separately.

IBGR’s offer ranges from DIY Self-Help to 365 day support. Their DIY Self-Help approach provides business owners a survey to identify areas for growth and a Listener’s Guide to select the best LIVE Shows and podcasts that close the gap. 

9thImagine all you have to do is take a free survey, receive feedback, select the right shows, and make the improvements; all for free. If you want personal help, then the 365 Business Maker is the answer.

Come and join our Summit this April on the 5th at 8am EST (-4) or 12 noon (UTC). This explosive event will provide a bonanza of increased revenue streams, resources, and results.  Here is how you can register for the event:

Complete the FREE Survey to help us grow businesses and use our resources to grow your own.

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