Benefits of SD-WAN Technology for Your Network Security

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Network migration from traditional WAN to SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology turns out to be able to help IT infrastructure managers to further protect corporate networks. This is certainly one of the important points for companies that are considering adopting SD-WAN, apart from various other factors.

Adoption of new technologies such as SD-WAN products certainly will not only have to take into account the issue of cost, ease of management, or performance, but also the security aspect. Ignoring this security aspect can result in losses to the company, not only financially but also reputation.

One of the advantages of SD-WAN technology is the ability to build a network infrastructure that combines various types of connections to get better reliability and bandwidth at an affordable cost. This network architecture can be built without SD-WAN, but it has security risks because the connection must go through a public network. For further protection, companies can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology through public channels.

Without SD-WAN, the use of VPNs via public Internet lines is not only complicated in terms of configuration and management but also has problems when there is a failure on the main connection and data traffic must be diverted to a backup connection

One of the important advantages of the SD-WAN network is that ease of management can also be beneficial for the company’s security team. SD-WAN provides WAN network management facilities from one single screen. Network administrators can make sure the application is running properly, and solve problems from one location without having to visit the problematic site.

This ease of management also includes security aspects, such as ensuring that security policies are running as they should, monitoring data traffic sources, and managing what applications and IP addresses a user can access.

SD-WAN technology also allows for micro-segmentation. Segmentation on the network allows an application or a group of applications to be separated from each other, based on the characteristics and policies that have been set previously. With micro-segmentation, this separation can be done further, so that traffic originating from less trusted locations cannot interact with sensitive data stored on the network.

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