Amazon says Echelon’s $499 Prime Bike isn’t an Amazon product


Amazon’s new Prime Bike.


Home fitness company Echelon on Tuesday launched a new exercise bike called the Prime Bike that it said was developed in collaboration with Amazon. However, Amazon is now distancing itself from the bike, saying Wednesday that it’s “not an Amazon product.”

“This bike is not an Amazon product or related to Amazon Prime,” Amazon said in a statement overnight provided to multiple media outlets. “Echelon does not have a formal partnership with Amazon. We are working with Echelon to clarify this in its communications, stop the sale of the product, and change the product branding.”

Echelon’s original release about the Prime Bike, which is officially called the EX-Prime Smart Connect Bike, has now been removed (you can see a cached version here) and all mention of an Amazon tie-in has been scrubbed from the product listing. The bike is also now listed as currently unavailable on Amazon. 

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for additional comment. Echelon didn’t have a comment at the time of publication. 

While it’s unclear when the Prime Bike may be available again or under what name, the $500 price on the bike may have be appealing to people longing for a Peloton but unable to stomach the cost. That price is enticing, given that the Peloton’s Bike is currently $1,895 and the Bike Plus is $2,495. Even most Peloton alternatives are still around $1,000 and up. 

The Prime Bike doesn’t offer the same level of features as you’d get with a Peloton but promised a 30-day free trial of Echelon’s United Membership, which gives you access to live and on-demand fitness classes, plus training programs. 

Like Peloton, with the Prime Bike you would need to pay more for a membership service to get access to video classes on demand and make the most of your stationary bike experience. Unlike Peloton, the Prime Bike doesn’t have an attached screen, so you’d need to provide that yourself with a phone or tablet.

Echelon previously created a similar bike at the same price for Walmart.

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