A study of energy in transition

Experts agree that a 3rd of the projected entire world population could face un-livable circumstances by 2070, if the existing level of worldwide warming persists.¹

If the planet is to achieve internet zero by the middle of this century and protected a livable earth, attempts to carry out sustainable electrical power require to be accelerated. This acceleration is partly dependent on conquering an inherent details gap – amongst the ambition of governments and firms and the concrete steps carried out. The ecosystem of cash expense for renewable strength demands info on not just want and ambition, but actions of actual result and ability.

To assist fill this gap, Clarivate designed a new data assortment process to assess exploration and innovation for sustainable electrical power resources. The course of action harnesses the electricity of field-top analysis, patent and patent enforcement details.

In our distinctive report, A research of strength in changeover, we glimpse at the relationship involving global investigation and innovation in the roll out and enhancement of sustainable energy sources. We identify the gaps that exist these days alongside with traits and demands of further more investigation focus, even though hunting at where abilities lie, by sustainable power source and geography.

¹FT, “Climate adjust could convey in close proximity to un-habitable ailments for 3 bn persons,” Nov 2021

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