6 Career Pathways to Working With Numbers


If you are another person who, instead than majoring in English literature and English language at superior university, faculty or college, was often much far more adept in the area of arithmetic, then you may perhaps perfectly be content to use your capabilities with numbers in a particular context alone.

On the other hand, if your curiosity and passion for figures go over and above this, then you may well properly be ideally suited for a specialist vocation devoted to financial and accounting issues. So, with this in brain, go on reading through to discover about the prime six vocation pathways which include doing the job with quantities.

1.Biomedical Engineer

A interesting and highly specialized vocation pathway that not only consists of operating with numbers but is entirely based mostly on figures is that of a biomedical engineer.

Primarily, biomedical engineers perform in the crossover fields of science and engineering and offer with developing and certainly building each components and software alternatives to be used in the professional medical world.

The key duties and obligations of a biomedical engineer incorporate, but are not limited to, the subsequent:

  • The planning of advice experiences which have their roots derived from scientific study
  • The education of other health care and health-related specialists on how to use health care equipment and computer software offers
  • The inspection and servicing of all medical equipment on the premises on a steady and thorough foundation
  • The presentation of all related results from exploration conducted to stakeholders and other senior professionals in the medical marketplace
  • The set up of innovative health-related devices in a huge variety of different professional medical establishments


Physicists are specially educated experts who explore and engage in complete analysis into the all-natural guidelines which control the setting and anyone in it. 

A specialist physicist has to have an particularly specific and huge-ranging awareness of the software of physics and mathematic formulation, and typically, noteworthy physicists who excel in their area are responsible for the most amazing and impressive discoveries and innovations. 

The job of a physicist is an intense just one and generally includes the pursuing obligations, to title just a several:

  • The planning and functional conducting of a variety of specially created scientific experiments with a see to tests their theories
  • Crafting and editing both equally purposes and proposals for funding analysis
  • The presentation of their results garnered from their investigate to other experts
  • Creating intensely specific and vital papers
  • The growth of innovative equipment such as laptop software package applications and scientific systems and gear to both of those design and consider facts


Another career pathway that will involve performing with quantities and mathematic formulas each and every single day is that of a expert statistician.

Statisticians use quantitive details, among other sources of info, to increase the aggressive nature of a business, as effectively as give tangible research results to support grow and increase the corporation,

A standard day in the doing work life of a statistician normally includes:

  • The presentation of statistical investigation findings to senior department heads and other professionals in a wide range of types, together with tables, graphs, charts, and govt summaries
  • The interpretation, description, and summary of analysis conclusions in comprehensive conclusions
  • Consistently carrying out exams to guarantee the accuracy and trustworthiness of effects and results from said investigate
  • Examining on facts integrity by constantly validating and error checking
  • The generation and subsequent upkeep of a amount of databases working with SPSS, Stata, SAS, and other application applications particularly made for statisticians

4.Personal computer Study Scientist

Computer research scientists merge information engineering with science to study how directions and facts are communicated, processed, and saved by computers and computing software applications. 

Personal computer scientists essentially are the ones to thank for a myriad of present day-day conveniences, from scaled-down gadgets and systems this kind of as smartphones and tablets to big and high-priced methods such as airplanes and even rocket ships. 

A profession as a pc analysis scientist most most likely entails the subsequent obligations:

  • Usually striving to enhance present personal computer application packages and computing devices in terms of overall functionality
  • Conceptualizing both equally mathematical and computational worries and troubles
  • The development of new computing methods and hardware
  • Functioning together with other IT and scientific gurus, these types of as computer software engineers and programmers, to create ground breaking products and solutions
  • Conducting in depth analysis projects 


1 fairly evident vocation pathway which is targeted and centered around operating with figures just about every solitary day is that of a qualified accountant.

Nearly every solitary business, no matter of measurement, scope, or in truth the business in which they run, employs a business accountant to supply comprehensive and detailed economic suggestions, to regulate all procedures and strategies associated with accounting, and to audit their accounts each 12 months. As an accountant deals with most, without a doubt virtually all, of the diverse departments within a firm, really should you want to pursue a occupation in this area, it is strongly advisable to embark on an MSc Finance and Administration or a very similar diploma plan.

Normal roles and duties of a capable accountant include:

  • Taking care of other men and women related with the finance and accounting office
  • The evaluation of a variety of business plans and proposed adjustments to methods
  • The producing and presenting of budgets, commentaries, reports, fiscal statements, and business designs
  • Currently being dependable for dealing with situations relevant to insolvency
  • Danger examination and monetary forecasting

6.Maths Teacher

Ultimately, but unquestionably a credible and intensely gratifying job pathway, the previous most large-profile work working with quantities is that of a mathematics teacher, at possibly a high college, higher education, or even at a university.

Not only do potential maths lecturers require to be extremely qualified and additional than proficient at mathematics and all-similar fields of examine, but they also want to have a specific knowledge of a huge wide range of training tactics.

As a maths instructor, irrespective of the specific educational establishment you perform in, you will be accountable for:

  • Sourcing supplies and assets for lessons
  • Reporting and documenting specific student progress
  • Attending committee, union, workers, and mother or father meetings
  • Invigilating remaining exams and coursework
  • Grading a large myriad of distinct mathematical assignments
  • Guaranteeing that the lecture rooms are normally suited for students and prepared to go


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