What the Tech? Gadgets that may make the perfect present for graduation day | What The Tech?

Graduates worked hard, they deserve more than just cash or a gift card. I’ve rounded up some gadgets they’ll both like and wonder how you ever thought about it.

Whether they’re heading off to college or starting a career, dress up their desktop with a Google Nest Hub. Everyone has an Alexa device. In my tests, Google Assistant gives better search results.

Plus, they play YouTube videos, music, and live TV. Since it’s a Google product, the Hub acts as a secretary scheduling reminders and entering appointments on a Google calendar just with your voice.

College students and grads love high-tech light panels. Nanoleaf makes cool lines that affix to the wall, you can set the color or change colors with the beat of the music. Another option is the smart LED panels from Govee. You get 10 panels that you can put on the wall in any design. Both the Nanoleaf and Govee lights connect with Alexa and Google for voice control and change colors to the beat of the music.

You may never have thought about a computer monitor as a gift but hear me out. College grads use trusty laptops but they may need a larger screen now that they’re turning the page to IRL, or real life. A large curved monitor like one from ViewSonic is a video gamer’s dream and connects to a desktop computer, laptop, or even an iPad or iPhone.

If they have an iPhone 12 or later, they can keep the phone on charge at their desk with a Mag-Safe charger. One from Anker is sleek looking with multiple inputs to power other phones, tablets, and laptops. They won’t need to keep wires on their desk.

You can find all of these tech gifts at most any online retailer. Some of the big-box stores carry them too.