USB iOS/Android Compatible and Portable Storage Device

Sometimes many of us purchase our smartphone device without realizing how quickly the storage is going to be used. Most of this is not actually apps that you install as such and more downloads. Photos from your messenger apps that auto store on your phone as well as all the photos and videos you take using your smartphone’s built-in the camera system.

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In the end, the size of the files depending on the resolution and many other factors can quickly fill up your smartphone’s physical memory. The result is reduced performance and whenever you want to take a quick snap, well, you cannot because the phone will just give you an error saying you are out of storage.

Most of the time we want to keep most of these videos and photos. However, we are forced to delete them, or hook up to our computer system and try to back them up here. The issue is that not all computer systems hook up well with Androids or iOS devices or they are just not compatible.

The Solution is The PhotoStick Mobile!

This is basically a USB stick that you can simply plug into your smartphone and it will backup or move the files you want. You can move files odd the phone onto the device in order to give you more storage space, but you will not lose the files, which is the general idea.

There is a downloadable app to help you use the software with the device. The app will know exactly where all your files are. This way you only need to make all commands through the app as opposed to having to search through your phone and manually move file after file.

You have also probably already guessed from the title of this article that there are Android and iOS versions of this app. Therefore, the stick works with multiple devices, so you can transfer or back up files in situations where maybe your PC or laptop is not compatible with the phone meaning transferring files from the phone to the laptop is not possible.

Superfast Speeds

The PhotoStick works with any hardware channel at the speed of the smartphone. Therefore, as fast as your phone can process the file transfers or copies the stick will work. You can then plug the PhotoStick into your computer and back up files from the stick to here too.

Keep It In Your Wallet

The convenient part is that you can keep the device in your wallet because it is so slimline. Therefore if there is a photo or album you want to show your friends and it is now immediately available on your phone, then you can plug it in and browse it as if it was another storage area on your smartphone.

Large Storage Size

You can add up to 32 Gb of extra memory to your overall ability to store photos. That is not bad at all considering this device only costs $30 for the 8 Gb and $65 if you want the 32 Gb version. Just make sure you buy the right version of the device for your phone – Android or Apple.