Top tech gadgets to record shows, jump-start your car, vacuum and more

A portable jump-starter is a must for any driver.

In the consumer tech world, there’s always something new to buy. Want to know a secret? Many upgrades aren’t worth your money and time.

That 8K TV? Not necessary until there’s more supported content. Expensive HDMI cables? The gold plating looks nice, but the cheap ones do the same job.

But there are the tech standouts that you’ll genuinely use and appreciate. Here are 10 things I use all the time, and you will too:

Keep your tea or coffee hot all-day

There’s nothing quite like the annoyance of coming back to your morning beverage – tea in my case – and realizing it’s gone cold. I finally pulled the trigger on an Ember smart mug. I know it’s expensive, but hear me out. My tea stays hot, even if I forget about it for an hour.