Top 4 Internet Service Providers in Germany

Best Internet Providers in Germany - Comparison of the Top Providers

Staying connected to the world around us has become part of our contemporary lifestyles. Aside from that, we all know the frustration that comes with bad internet networks. 

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Why Select a Good ISP in Germany?

Most subscriptions exist for at least a 24 months duration. The implication of this is that a bad subscription will leave you hissing for a while. 

Secondly, there are so many service providers out there and some are area specific. Thus, you have to be sure if a network provider is available in your vicinity before opting for it. 

Also, even though internet services are relatively cheap, you are still paying your hard-earned money for it; thus, it is wise to opt for the one that meets your needs.

Now let’s take a look at the best internet providers in Germany:

  1. Vodafone

Vodafone is a giant telecom company in Germany and internationally. It is regarded as the internet provider with the biggest and fastest cable internet connection and the second-largest internet provider in Germany. 

Their best plan which offers approximately 1.000 Mbit/s downloads and 50 Mbit/s uploads for €50 per month, is more suitable for those who do a lot with the internet like uploading videos, online gaming etc. But you must be sure such service is available in your area. 

  1. Deutsche Telekom 

Boasting 13 million DSL customers in the entire country, Deutsche Telekom is regarded as the foremost internet provider in Germany. It was state-owned until 1996. 

Deutsche Telekom offers the Magenta Eins Vorteil, a kind of incentive. This consists of a €10 monthly discount and more mobile data.  But you must have a 24 monthly subscription to be qualified.

However, one downside is that Telekom is one of the most expensive among all internet providers in Germany. But they have distinguished themselves as one of the top brands in the business.

  1. 1&1 Internet

Ranked third among German broadband providers, 1&1 Internet is well-known for its short-term subscription options. 1&1 Internet is highly regarded for its service quality and speed.

  1. Eazy 

Eazy is regarded as the cheapest cable internet provider in Germany. There is an arrangement that allows it makes use of Vodafone’s cable network. Its simplicity is also what endears it to many. 

There are only two tariffs on offer. The cheapest is the eazy20, for €13.99/month. The eazy40 which goes for €17.99/ month is another inexpensive alternative.

Choosing the best internet provider that meets your needs, aside from cost, also depends on those who operate in your location. Thus, you should research what service providers cover your vicinity before opting for any.