Tech titans face video glitches in Congressional testimony


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared by video conference before a congressional subcommittee Wednesday, but his low frame rate made him look choppy.


It was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ big moment, but he appeared as a tiny box on a large TV screen before the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday. As Bezos began his opening remarks, his image was expanded to take up the whole TV screen, but it appeared the Cisco Webex video conferencing service only showed a blank screen. So he was put back into a gallery of more than a dozen small boxes as he continued to speak.

The screen goes blank as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos begins his opening remarks before a Congressional subcommittee Wednesday.


The testimony came as part of a hearing focused on concerns about tech giants and antitrust law. The hearing progressed with testimony from more tech CEOs via video conference. Some lawmakers also participated by video conference, and others sat in the hearing room and were required to wear masks when not speaking due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Bezos wasn’t the only one hit with technical difficulties. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified without issue. Then Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke, and his image was crystal clear — but choppy. As he told lawmakers about Facebook’s position in the advertising and video markets, his low frame rate made him look like he was in a stop motion film. The issues persisted as he answered questions.

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