Take A Healthy Break from Traditional Holiday Feasts

This year, we asked the younger generation in the family to take responsibility for Thanksgiving dinner.  They were super excited to handle the cooking chores.   We sent them copies of our recipes for mac & cheese, dinner rolls and the stuffing that had been a traditional favorite for nearly 100 years.  We reminded them to defrost the turkey and glaze the ham ahead of time and not make the rookie mistakes we had made at their age.  My mother still talks about the first time she tried to cook a turkey for the family and how it was still frozen Thanksgiving morning.  So it was left to my nieces and nephews, most of whom were in their late teens and early twenties, to prepare a meal for the 12 of us – including 4 toddlers.  At the appointed time, we showed up to my sister’s home to partake in our traditional meal.

To our surprise, instead of the turkey and stuffing, rolls and greens we were expecting, they had prepared a meal using tips and recipes they got from a site called Bodybuilding.com.  And what’s more – it was delicious and nutritious.  When we asked how they came up with the idea and the menu, they told us they refused to prepare yet another meal laden with fatty, empty calories and sugary desserts.  They could see how badly we were aging and didn’t want to lose another family member to diabetes.

They used Groupons to purchase the whey powders and supplements they used in the recipes and we loved every dish.  They made them based on the supplements we needed in our diet, they made dishes rich in zinc, iron, and other minerals.  Based on that, we ate salmon, beets, quinoa, and salad with lots of greens.  The food was delicious and we all felt better than ever when the meal was over.  It was an eye-opening experience that changed us all.

They said Bodybuilding.com is a leading online source for the supplements and nutritional information to support your efforts to maintain a strong and healthy physique.  Right now, you can save 50% off Evolution Nutrition products, 20% off Elite Whey Protein, when you use a Groupon coupon code, and get $10 back when you refer a friend.  Now, we’re all using Groupons to shop Bodybuilding.com.  And the change in the recipes we’ll be sharing from now on is quite different from those of the past 100 years.

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