SMS Marketing Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Today’s forms of communication have changed so drastically since the days of flying messenger pigeons or even writing letters. Now, communication can be sent in a nano-second with just a push of a button from anywhere in the world. 

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It seems that not too long ago, email was the fastest and most popular form of communicating and then texting came along. Texting is definitely the fastest and easiest way to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Not only has texting become a popular means of communicating socially, but many businesses have also begun using it as a way to market to and communicate with customers.

One of the reasons many businesses choose to use text messaging rather than traditional emails is due to the fact that text messaging garners a quicker and usually a more favorable response. Of course, sending a text message to each individual customer can be extremely time-consuming, therefore, many companies utilize a business sms service and let the marketing company do the work for them.

However, before you can start sending massive bulk text messages, you should first know who you are targeting as well as have a strong marketing plan and strategy. Text marketing, when done right, can be such a huge boost for your business. It not only helps with the closing of deals or sales but also gaining additional customers as well as getting feedback that is important to your business’s growth. No matter whether you are the CEO of a huge fortune 500 company or you are a small online business just starting out, all can benefit from using SMS marketing as a growth strategy for business. 

I remember when I used to promote parties at a club that I bartended at. As a bartender, talking to people was what I did for a living. And so, I made sure to acquire the phone numbers of every person I talked to so that I could add them to the club’s text messaging list. The results from that one simple thing were phenomenal. 

We saw more of a turnout on the nights that I promoted via text messaging than nights that were promoted via radio ads, flyers, and promo teams. Best of all, not only was my form of promotion more effective, it was absolutely free. The only thing it cost me was just a few moments of my time. In fact, I actually got paid to do it since the phone numbers were acquired from tipping customers.

With so many emails hitting our inboxes each day, most people hardly open half of the emails they receive. It’s just so much clutter and noise when trying to market this way which makes it almost impossible to be noticed. While not everyone reads all of their emails, you can pretty much guarantee that they will read a text message. Whether this results in a direct sale doesn’t really matter. What matters is getting the customer’s attention and getting your message or ad out in front of them. This way, whenever that customer is ready to buy, yours may be the first company that comes to mind.