SEO Services and Digital Marketing Company – why you need them

Getting a blog is not enough. In fact, when you’re done with it, it’s just when the fun begins. Behind the colorful design, there is a bunch of processes that make the difference between a successful blog and one that no one enters.

There are many types of tricks that can be applied to WordPress, but this article will start with 7 of the most basic and most important ways to open the SEO potential for your blog.

Keyword search

The best way to optimize your new blog is to do things right from the start. This step includes keywords and their search. Before launching the blog, it gives little time to keyword search to identify words that have a high number of searches but do not have very high competition. Go here.

The idea is not to compete with large sites that are already on the market.

If you want to use highly competitive keywords you will waste your time, focus on those that are more accessible (so-called long-tail keywords). You can find them using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Set Permanent Links

WordPress gives users the chance to have blog links to look exactly the way they want. All you have to do is log in to the WordPress administration section and select Settings → Permanent Links (Permalinks).

In this section you will be able to choose from several predefined or alternative options, so you can select the option that allows you to set the layout of your links according to your preferred design.

Choose the custom structure option and then enter /% namepost% / – this section will set your WordPress blog so that all links appear after the following example: HTTP: //domain/name-post-key / mod the most optimal and beautiful for organizing permanent links.

Install the All-In-One SEO Pack for WordPress

This plugin is one of the few that I install as soon as I install WordPress. It has a lot of SEO options, including setting a title to your choice for each article on the blog (this is the title of the page, the one that appears in the browser header), let you add meta tag- Every article, description and many, many more.

META descriptions

Even though most people focus on labels and think that Meta Descriptions are not necessary because Google no longer uses them, it’s worth investing in time to get the right meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are a perfect and succinct description of the content on the blog pages and should not promise anything that will not be offered. On the other hand, search engines other than Google are still using this type of description, so it should be as compelling as the reader clicks on your link.

Also, remember that if Google decides that there is not enough good text on your page to summarize the entire content of that page, it will use Meta Descriptions. For this reason, this is an important step. You can find out more from Determined Solutions SEO.

Image optimization

WordPress makes image optimization easy, so there is no excuse for not doing this step. For a better SEO practice, all the images to be used in a post must contain a “title” and an “other” tag, because the search engines will be able to read what those images should represent.

However, because the optimization of each image can take a long time, SEO offers you the opportunity to ease this step further using one of the many image plugins it provides. Once you’ve installed the one you needed all you have to do is select Settings → SEO Friendly Images (or similar) and then specify the “title” and the “other” tag.

It is essential that you only use the h1 label for the title of the posts. Inside the articles, you can also use the h2 or h3 tags for the following paragraphs. By structuring the boxes this way, you allow search engines to index the page and organize the information correctly more accurately.

If your WordPress theme does not use the h1 tag for item titles, you must change that. Modify yourself or hire someone to do this – it’s super simple for someone with programming knowledge.

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Using titles and subtitles is part of the best SEO practice, and all WordPress quality templates will structure