Neuralink update: Elon Musk to show off ‘working’ device Friday


Neuralink, new me? Elon Musk says a live webcast is coming on Aug. 28.


Earlier this year Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla head (and reportedly fourth richest person on the planet), teased he would be showing off the latest developments from Neuralink, his brain-computer interface startup that aims to connect our brains with PCs. We knew the update was coming in August but now we have a time and live webcast confirmation. Musk tweeted on Tuesday the update is scheduled in for Friday, Aug. 28 at 3 p.m. PT

During his tease, back in February, Musk noted the next version of Neuralink would be “awesome” compared to what was presented during the first Neuralink presser in July 2019.

Musk has routinely said the Neuralink devices, which would place electrodes under a patients skin and connect to a device behind the ear, could be revolutionary. “Don’t want to get too excited, but the potential is truly transformational for restoring brain & motor functions,” he tweeted in February. 

When a link of the livestream becomes available, we’ll have it right here, so bookmark this page and come back on Friday.

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