Microsoft’s Windows 10X may not arrive until spring of 2021, report says


There may be a long wait for dual-screen Windows 10X devices like the Surface Neo. 

Captura de pantalla por Juan Garzon / CNET

In May Microsoft said it would prioritize bringing its new version of Windows, known as Windows 10X, to single-screened devices first. According to a new report, the release of Windows 10X won’t arrive until the spring of 2021, with dual-screen devices coming in 2022. 

The report, from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, states that Microsoft is pushing to release the first round of Windows 10X devices in the spring of next year with a focus on business and education users as well as those working on the frontlines. In the spring of 2022, the company plans to release the software “for additional single screen and dual-screen devices.”

In addition to Windows 10X not arriving until next year, ZDNet also reports that support for running older Win32 apps on the platform may not arrive until at least 2022. Windows Central has also reported that Windows 10X won’t ship with support for legacy applications at launch.  

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Microsoft first announced the new update last October alongside a dual-screen PC called the Surface Neo and a dual-screen Android-powered phone called the Surface Duo. Both devices were due to arrive this holiday season, but according to an earlier ZDNet report the Neo and other dual-screen Windows 10X-powered PCs may be delayed beyond 2020. 

A person familiar with the company’s plans told CNET in May that Microsoft had paused its Windows 10X development plans for the Surface Neo and other dual-screen devices during the coronavirus to better prioritize resources during the pandemic, with the priority for the OS update now shifting to single-screen devices.

The company does, however, continue to tease its Surface Duo dual-screen Android device with several execs, including chief product officer Panos Panay, recently tweeting out pictures of the upcoming phone in action. 

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