Telecom, media and technology – COVID-19 implications and medium-term  recovery | Arthur D Little

The current pandemic condition is testing the telecommunication infrastructure around the world. Every organization and institution moved their operations online and the conception of remote working got elevated. Telecommunication impacts on humans are huge, as it transformed many typical operations and gave innovative ways to deal with the dynamic scenarios of the modern world. Companies reviewed enormous growth with the consumption of modern medians of communication. Various kinds of telecommunication are facilitating humans by granting them advanced modes to communicate.


Email is regarded as a formal means to transfer and receive the message to anyone having an email address. This form works in the whole world without the restriction of geographical location. Organizations communicate with their employees and issue important notifications through email. Through email marketing, companies attract customers and convince them to use their offered products and services. Email maintains an electronic record of communication between customers and companies and among organizations and their employees.

Quick messaging:

The Internet gave a lot of simple and easy ways for users to communicate with people living away. In the past, people used to pay heavy bills for foreign calls and messages and it was difficult for them to exchange information over the phone as increased phone calls mean increased bills. Web-oriented applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook are among the most popular and widely utilized apps and have a huge customer base. Businesses also utilize these apps to interact informally with their clients and employees. Nowadays, every brand and organization maintains a presence on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to portray that they abide by the modern necessities to survive in the competitive business world.

Current trends

With every passing day, the internet is bringing innovation in the telecommunication domain and making it more trustworthy and reliable among people. Telecommunication is the conception that unites people and initiated the philosophy of virtual and remote meetings.

  • 5G: This is enhanced technology that enables a user to communicate more effectively with people living anywhere in the world. It provides tremendous experience by delivering enormous speed and great performance.
  • Expected driver: Telecommunication will drive the coming years through enormous innovations. It brought people closer to each other, as it eased social and formal communications by granting people features like video calling, audio message exchange, emoji, and many other features. Platforms like google meet, zoom, Microsoft teams received immense popularity during the pandemic as educational institutes, businesses, and social organizations generally accomplished their objectives through these apps.


Telecommunication is the concept through which people transfer their messages with the help of electric signals to faraway places and with modern innovations this domain is experiencing regular changes and people are getting benefited from it. Nowadays, no organization or business can survive without the utilization of telecommunication, as it’s a necessity and way to communicate with potential customers and employees. IoT (internet of things) transformed the domestic and corporate world enabling people to communicate with their home and office systems even being away from the actual place.