How to Set Up Your Cable Modem Wireless Router

If you have been told that you need a cable modem wireless router and would like to save some money by setting it up yourself, you are in the right place. Here I will outline the five quick and easy steps to setting up your cable 攜帶型 wifi 分享器. It is pretty easy and you don’t need to have much technology knowledge to do it yourself. Just follow the instructions below carefully and precisely and your home network will be up and running in no time whatsoever.

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There are many advantages of having a cable modem 國際 漫遊 with the most popular one being that you no longer have to be confined to a certain space. With the router you can use your laptop wherever you are as long as the signal is strong enough. You can even beef up the signal by having more than one cable modem wireless router. So you can use your laptop in the basement, in the attic and on the patio by the pool, wherever. You may even be able to access it form the neighbor’s house if you have more than one router with strong signals. Now let’s get to connecting your cable modem wifi.

Firstly, choose the right equipment necessary for the job. The first thing you’ll need to do is to choose your wireless equipment. There are three different technologies 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. The most highly recommended is the 802.11g. You will also need a broadband internet connection along with the router and as well make sure that your computer or computers support the wireless network adapter.

Once you have received all you need, you now must now turn off your current modem. Then you should attach the cable modem wireless router to your existing modem while the modem is directly connected to the internet.

The next step is to attach the router to the modem by using a cable with which you will put one end to the modem and the other end to the router. You can now turn on your pre existing modem… now allow it a couple minutes to connect to the internet. Once you have connected to the internet successfully you can now configure the router. To do this you will need a temporary connection between your computer and the router using the necessary cable, the rest will be done automatically. Once you are connected you can open the browser and input the address, putting in the password if required. (You can find this in your router manual). Choose the SSID and type in a name that will be unique, this is what will identify the connection. You will then need to change the WPA or WEP which are what protects your network from outside users. You will then create a password which is what anyone will use to access the network. Once you have done that then add your other computers to your network and you are all done setting up your cable modem wireless router.