How to change the WiFi router password in Windows and Mac

If you do not know how to change the WiFi password in your router, this time we will explain step by step how it is done. It is not complicated and will help you to significantly improve the security of your home network, and will even allow you to shield it against intruders (that neighbor exploited …) if you modify some security settings. It can be said that changing the key of the router is the first thing you should do nothing more to launch an Internet connection.

Changing the 台灣大哥大 wifi password in Windows and Mac is a simple process but, due to the peculiarities of each router, it requires some patience. For example, you should know that not any code is worth to protect yourself against cheeks that want to connect to your network for free, nor any encryption is the best possible to avoid that in a matter of a few minutes you can decrypt the full password. Until the new WPA3 arrives, the safest thing will still be to have a WPA / WPA2-PSK password.

But do not be scared. Even if you have never changed the password of your router, in this article we will explain step by step how it is done and we will also give you some tips to improve your 4G 分享器 台灣之星 connection and make it more secure.

1. Access the Router Configuration

The first thing is to enter the configuration settings of your WiFi router. But go! We have only just begun with the first step and it is possible that you have lost your way. How do you enter the router configuration? It’s really simple since you only have to enter an address in the address bar and then a username and password. However, depending on your router model and your company both may vary: in any case, try the universal method that we are going to tell you since it is likely to work in your case.

Here we explain how to access the WiFi router regardless of the model and company. You can find all the information you need to enter the control panel and take charge of everything that happens in your home network.

2. Once inside the settings of your WiFi router

Now that you are in the settings, what section should you go to see your current password and change it? It depends on the model and the language, but it will always be something like Administration (if this menu exists)> Network / Network WLAN> Network of 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz> Security or Access Control. It is important that you select the WLAN Network (無線網路分享器 or Wireless) otherwise you will modify the values ​​of the wired network, not the WiFi.

Now let’s go to the really important thing: how to change the WiFi password in Windows, Mac and Linux without dying in the attempt. Before getting down to work, there are several points you should keep in mind:

Your router settings may be in English

As soon as you change the password, all devices that are connected will be disconnected. This is very important! It is not going to be that later you receive complaints from family members who can not connect to WiFi from their mobile

The WiFi network of 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz can have different keys

If you take too long to decide on a new password, the session will end and you will have to access again

Think carefully about which encryption you are going to choose and which is the best key

In the case of the router that we have used as an example when preparing this tutorial (a ZTE router), to change the Wi-Fi password the route to follow has been to display the “Network” tab, then open the option of “WLAN” and, finally, click on “Security”. From there we have been able to enter a new password for the wireless connection to the router.