Google Chrome: How to block Software Reporter?

Software Reporter Tool is a different interaction from Google Chrome that screens your Chrome establishment and reports if any additional items impede the typical activity of the program. The apparatus isn’t associated with the web, yet is fundamentally utilized by the program to perceive programs that might struggle with it. It is noticeable as a 54Kb executable called “software_reporter_tool.exe” . In the event that the computer chip use of this cycle is exceptionally high or Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool has quit working message shows up much of the time, you might need to impair or eliminate it. Here we make sense of how you can get it done.

The client is totally ignorant about the presence of this part except if he intentionally looks for a product revealing instrument. So the inquiry is, what is the capability of this chrome module? Fundamentally, the Google Chrome Software Reporting Tool is an executable document that runs one time each week and reports the output results to Chrome. To be exact, the device filters the framework for any possibly undesirable programming applications that could obstruct the Chrome perusing experience. Moreover, the device illuminates Chrome about unforeseen advertisements or during episodes like site crashes. In view of the reports, Chrome prompts the client to run the Chrome Cleanup Device as a feature of the filtering system.

If you run Google Chrome on a Windows computer and monitor the activities that are triggered on the computer, you may notice the Software Reporter Tool process eventually.

Software Reporter Tool, the executable file is software_reporter_tool.exe. It is a tool that Google distributes with the Google Chrome web browser.

It’s part of the Chrome Cleanup Tool which, in turn, can remove software that’s causing issues with Chrome. Google mentions crashes, new or changed home pages, or unexpected ads. Anything that interferes with a user’s browsing experience can be removed by the tool.

Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

The Software Reporter tool scans the computer drive and reports these scans to Google. Google Chrome uses the results of the scan to determine whether to prompt the user to remove unwanted software from the computer as it affects the browsing experience.

Google Chrome users may have two main problems with the Software Reporter tool.

  • It may cause high system load when scanning it. User reports range from 30% and more while running the CPU. Since it can last up to 20 minutes, it is something that can interfere with other computer activities.
  • The tool informs Google about the results of the analysis. Which may be uncomfortable due to privacy rights?

A Google community specialist mentioned that the tool scans folders related to Chrome only. But its scope is not exposed to the user in any way.

The Software Reporter Tool is located in the following path on Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter\VERSION\software_reporter_tool.exe.

Block Software Reporter Tool

Blocking access to the program can prevent Google from removing problematic software from your system or notifying you about it. You can use other software to remove threats or potentially unwanted programs from the system.

While you can delete the contents of the entire folder or rename the executable file, doing so only provides a temporary remedy. As Google will re-insert the Software Reporter tool in the system when you update the web browser.

A better option is to remove permissions so that no user can access the folder or run the Software Reporter tool.

  • Right-click on the SwReporter folder and select “Properties” from the menu.
  • Switch to the Security tab.
  • Select Advanced on the page that opens.
  • Choose “Disable inheritance” and choose “remove all permissions inherited from this object”.
  • Go to apply and in the security message that Windows gives you, mark “yes”.
  • Click on “ok”.
  • Press “ok” again

No group or user should have access to the Software Reporter tool. The advantage of this method is that the tool can no longer be run and updates cannot be applied.

Where is the Chrome Software Reporting Tool?

Basically, Software Reporting Tool is the executable record which is available in Chrome application information organizer as Software_reporter_tool.exe. The Chrome application information organizer contains data about the client’s Chrome profile, like program settings, bookmarks, saved passwords, and other clients’ data. In the midst of this much client information, the .exe document is noticeable under the SwReporter envelope in the Chrome application information organizer.

Is the Chrome Reporter tool safe?

As a client, you might have worries about protection. In the event that you don’t know about the protection of your organization, you can really look at the credibility of the device by basically moving your cursor over the .exe document. You can see that the part is carefully endorsed by Google with the document portrayal as Chrome Cleanup tool or software removal tool. So this apparatus is totally protected. It is worth focusing on that the detailing device has no organization correspondence. The main occupation of this instrument is to illuminate Chrome about programming that may not be working expectedly with the Chrome program.

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