Apple to discontinue Sign In with Apple for Epic Games accounts


Apple users will no longer be able to use “Sign in with Apple” when logging into their Epic Games accounts, starting Sept. 11.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

In a further escalation in the feud between Apple and Epic Games, Apple will no longer allow Epic Games users to use its Sign In with Apple system starting Sept. 11, according to a tweet from the official Epic Games Twitter account. 

Sign In with Apple is the company’s authentication tool, built to rival similar options from Google and Facebook, but with added privacy controls. Current iPhone, iPad and Mac users who are signed into their Epic Games accounts with it will have to update their email and passwords or risk being locked out of their Epic accounts on Apple devices.

The feud between the two companies started back in August, when Epic attempted to bypass the 30% commission Apple and Google charge on payments collected through their app stores. Apple and Google responded by booting Epic’s popular Fortnite game off their platforms, and Epic hit back with lawsuits. The suits aren’t seeking damages, but ask that the court prohibit Apple and Google from what Epic considers monopolistic practices.

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