Amazon workers in six US warehouses reportedly test positive for COVID-19


Workers at at least six Amazon warehouses in the US have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Angela Lang/CNET

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Amazon employees in at least six warehouses in the US have tested positive COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Workers tested positive for the disease at Amazon facilities in New York City, Shepherdsville, Kentucky., Jacksonville, Florida., Katy, Texas, Brownstown, Michigan, and Oklahoma City,  the Post reported, citing Amazon and local news reports. Some of those facilities were shut down for cleaning, and some employees who were in close contact with the infected employees have been quarantined.

The new cases come less than a week after the internet retailer reported its first case warehouse employee infection, at a facility in Queens, New York. Amazon workers and their supporters have also voiced serious concerns that the company will fail to protect its hundreds of thousands of employees and delivery workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

This issue is something customers will need to worry about, too, since shoppers now rely even more on e-commerce companies like Amazon to deliver food, toiletries and other staples while they’re asked to stay home. If warehouses have to close due to outbreaks, it could reduce or slow down shipments.

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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