Amazon to add 100,000 seasonal jobs as holidays near

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Amazon is going on another hiring spree before the holidays. 

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

As people remain stuck at home during the pandemic Amazon has been continuing to bulk up its workforce. On Tuesday the company announced that it will be adding 100,000 seasonal workers to help it cope with demand heading into the holiday season. 

In a press release the company says that it’s looking for people to join its “operations network include stowing, picking, packing shipping and delivering customer orders” as well as a “wide variety of other jobs including managing people, being a safety ambassador, working in HR, IT, operating robotics, and more.” 

While big retailers have traditionally upped their staffs with seasonal workers during the holiday season, Amazon has been particularly aggressive in hiring in recent months. In March it said it would hire 100,000 people to help keep up with demand during the pandemic, expanding that in April to hire an additional 75,000 people. In May it announced that it would be offering permanent roles to 70% of the 175,000 seasonal workers it hired, with the company most recently hosting a virtual career day in September where it was looking to fill 33,000 positions. 

The hiring comes just a few weeks removed from the company’s big Prime Day sale and right before Black Friday, which takes place on Nov. 27. 

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