6 Networks You Can Use for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

When it comes to online marketing in the post-Penguin and Panda age, two strategies that many marketers are turning towards are guest blogging and blogger outreach. While you can do a lot of legwork on your own by searching for bloggers related to your industry on Google, you can also turn to networks designed to connect businesses and bloggers.

However, there is an easier way to find blogs looking for content.

Guest Blogging & Blogger Outreach Networks

The following are networks for guest blogging and blogging outreach that you can use to market your business for increased exposure and additional backlinks.


CaptureBlogDash calls itself the blogger outreach dashboard. Their network has a directory of 109K bloggers which you can search based on topical keywords, category, Klout score, gender, and other demographics.

You can use their service to interact with bloggers tweets, share blog posts, and pitch bloggers to write about your product or service. Some notable companies using BlogDash include Likeable Media, Shine United, and True Media.

Bloggers can join BlogDash for free to connect with businesses related to their niche. Businesses can start with a free account to browse the blogger directory, but to start pitching to bloggers through the dashboard, membership begins at $49.99 per month. You can save by paying for three month’s or one year’s membership at a time.

Be sure to read testimonials from satisfied agencies using BlogDash and download their free guide to blogger outreach. You can also read a review of their service (while it was still in beta) on Social Media Explorer.

Blogger LinkUp



Blogger LinkUp is a free service that connects bloggers who need content with marketers and businesses looking to place content in exchange for links. The best part is bloggers who have signed up for the service shouldn’t request payment (according to the guidelines on the network, but actual contact requests may vary).

The way it works? You submit your offer for a guest post, product for bloggers to review, or contest announcement. Bloggers will also request guest posts and interview sources for their websites. An email goes out to everyone on the list on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you see a request you can fulfill or if a blogger likes your request, you can contact each other directly via the contact information provided in the email.

There’s not much content available on the Blogger LinkUp site itself, but it did get a nod in a post on Social Media Examiner as a great place to find guest bloggers. But considering it’s a free service, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!




GroupHigh is a solution for big brands looking to incorporate blogger outreach into their marketing strategy. Their service indexes millions of blogs so that you can search them by keyword, topics covered, number of followers, and location. You can also see if the blog supports video, guest posts, sponsored posts, ad networks, and giveaways.

Once you’ve created a list of blogs to target, GroupHigh can provide key information about them including social profiles, contact form locations, author names, traffic statistics, and SEO metrics.

Notable companies using this service include Social Media Explorer, Distilled, Citrix, Billboard, Home Depot, and many more. You can read mentions of their service on their In the News page which includes nods from Convince & Convert, Content Marketing Institute, Search Engine Journal, and SEOmoz. They also post tweets mentioning their service on the homepage of the website.

Pricing is not listed on the GroupHigh website—you have to contact them for a demo of the service. One site reviewing their service in January listed the price as $3,000 per year, so you can expect it to be on the higher end of the spectrum of premium outreach services.


6 Networks You Can Use for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

Guestr helps blog owners find new content from bloggers and helps guest bloggers and SEO’s find guest posting opportunities to place their content and build links. Guestr is currently a free service for both site owners and those looking for guest post opportunities. There are currently 804 listings for sites looking for and accepting content in a wide variety of categories. Each site is listed with their current Google PageRank and number of estimated visits.


6 Networks You Can Use for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

MyBlogGuest is probably one of the most well-known names when it comes to guest blogging communities. You can sign up for free to list yourself as someone looking for guest bloggers or looking to guest post on another blog in specific categories in the guest blogging forum. There is also a forum dedicated to those looking for social promotion help for their published posts.

There is also a Pro Account option that allows you to submit articles to the article gallery for other bloggers to use on their sites, submit guest posts directly to a blog’s admin dashboard for faster publication, submit articles to the infographics gallery for bloggers to discover, track published article status, and more. You can choose from a Basic Premium account for $30 per month or an Advanced Premium account for $70 per month.

You can learn more about MyBlogGuest through features they’ve had on SEOmoz, Blogher, and Search Engine Land.




PostJoint is a platform that helps to make guest blogging quicker and easier for both parties. The key difference between PostJoint and other services is that there is no searching or browsing through galleries of blogs / posts. Instead, advertisers supply content they are looking to have published, the system matches the audiences up against its database of blogs, and bloggers then offer to publish the posts. The advertiser simply has to choose which publishing offers to accept.

Various metrics are shown to help advertisers make a decision, and bloggers are only shown an excerpt of related posts helping to stop the content from being duplicated. All of the bloggers registered with PostJoint are quality screened by moderators, so the response rate and your satisfaction should be high.

5 Simple Tips for Guest Blogging & Blogger Outreach

Just because a blogger is a part of one of these networks does not mean they are guaranteed to accept your requests. So, whether you use a service or Google to connect with bloggers for guest posts or pitches, there are a few things you should do to ensure your success.

1. Personalize your request.

Be sure to include the name of the blog owner in your request. As a blogger, there is nothing more irritating than seeing a Dear Sir or Madam, Hello Webmaster, or other generic greeting on a request, especially when my name is plastered on the sidebar of the blog, on blog posts, and on the about page. These are the places you should start looking to find the blog owner’s name so you can address them properly in your requests.

2. Interact with the blogger before pitching them.

If you are really interested in a particular blog accepting your guest post or reviewing your product, consider investing a little time in getting to know the blogger first. Commenting on their blog posts, sharing their posts, and interacting with them on social networks are great ways to become a familiar face in the blogger’s community—one that they may be more open to accepting a request from.

3. Make sure your guest post, product, or service fits the blog.

Sure, you may find a blog that lists itself under the Fashion category, but if the title of the blog is Handmade Fashions, then they’re probably not going to be too open to a pitch from a retailer selling name brand fashions. Make sure that the guest post, product, or service you are about to pitch is going to be something that the blogger is actually interested in promoting on their blog. Otherwise, you’re just wasting an email.

4. Make sure the guest post topic you’re submitting hasn’t already been covered.

There’s a great search string that you can use to make sure that a topic you are about to submit as a guest post hasn’t already been written about. Search Google for site:domain.com intitle:keyword—this will show you any posts with a particular keyword in the title. So, if you are a marketer submitting a post about link building, you can see other posts the site has received about link building to ensure that yours is unique enough to make the cut.

5. Read the guidelines.

Many blogs will have guidelines on their site about guest posts and product reviews. Be sure to read them so that your request is as on target as possible.

There you have it – some great networks to choose from when it comes to guest blogging and blogger outreach, plus some essential tips to get you started. If you’ve used one or more of the above networks, please share your experiences in the comments!


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