Don’t plug that battery in, unless you want to possibly catch a virus!

Don’t plug that into your computer, plug it into a wall outlet

Although e cigarette firms are denying putting anything nefarious on the USB chargable batteries that come shipped with the pens, it appears that some miscreants that are smart enough have found a way to turn your ordinary vape pen into something much more dangerous than a cigarette alternative, try sending computer viruses as one China manufacture is being blamed for doing. Top security researchers have discovered that these electronic vagabonds have found a method malware that can literally turn your computer into a perfectly honest networking device to suddenly compromising the entire departments security.

As vaping’s health ramifications are still somewhat unknown to most people, it appears that picking up vape may come with other unplanned side effects. A story about this new malware vaping problem was published by Reddit member Jrockilla from the Techsupport sub-reddit in regards to a safety breech at an big company regarding vape pens spreading malware once you plug them into your computer. Apparently, there was spyware on his pc, the origin however couldn’t be determined.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes often have a small hardware charger — you just unscrew the battery (the base of the ecig) in the eliquid capsule (the filter section of a conventional ecig pen), plug it in to the USB port on the computer and without you even noticing anything is happening, it starts to download malware onto your computer. Usually, this is done because hackers can then gain access to your important information such as your credit card or even social security information, this is definitely not good for the vaping industry. Below I will share with you one manufacturer who is known to provide the best vaporizer pen on the market.

The IT group quickly made efforts to get to the bottom of this security breech. They first started out by examining the e cigarette pen that was the only physical vulnerability in the entire situation. After the IT group examined the e cigarette, it had discovered that it had been a questionable manufacturer from China that was full of harmful malware written specifically for targeting large corporations all the way down to the common end user. When the hardware dongle was connected to the executive’s pc, it launched the stealthy malware code and used the internet as a way to reach back home to report all of the information it had logged from the computer.

It’s probable the virus was a direct result of the problems and challenges IT was faced with after that one small but major mistake. Moving forward there as been a complete ban on plugging any foreign devices that you are not provided with directly from the company itself.

Whether this statement is just a story that was made up to attack the vaping industry, it’s not really that incredibly far-fetched to think that the vape pens have the capability to penetrate IT’s security that easily.

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